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About Love for Becky, Kylee, & Hunter

Let's send love for Kylee, Hunter, and Becky as they continue to grieve the loss of Mike. Mike was an incredible father and friend. It’s unthinkable to lose a father, especially at the young age of 2 and 5. Becky and the kids have a long process of healing and coping with the loss.  This page was established in the hope that Becky’s friends and family will assist her and the kids during his difficult time. Financial Donations will be sent directly to Becky and the funds will help her cover childcare/education expenses, and to ease the financial burden of raising two children on her own.     Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!

Special Notes: 

Please call/text Becky the day of the scheduled meal to confirm date/ time for delivery. tel:618-207-8439.     


Care Calendar

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