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About Welcoming Baby Savannah and supporting Crystal and her Family

Please help support Crystal Johnson and her family as they grieve the loss of her beloved sister Dana, and help them welcome Dana's daughter, Savannah into the world. Dana was brought by ambulance to UVA hospital on June 16th 2019 where she gave birth to a beautiful, strong baby girl Savannah who is still in the NICU. Dana was then transferred to the ICU with severe swelling, and damage to her brain and doctors shared that she would not survive. Dana is leaving behind six children who love and adore her. Dana’s children will remain with family and will continue to be loved and supported. We can support Crystal and her family in the form of meals, baby items for Savannah or by donating to her Go Fund Me fundraiser. To sign up for a meal; click calendar, you can also find links for baby items wish list and go fund me link here as well.

Special Notes: 

Crystal shared that they do not have any baby items for Savannah as of yet, she was born prematurely and is still in the NICU. Clothes and items for a premie baby are needed, and clothes and items for a bigger/older baby to grow into would be welcome as well. There is a baby registry/'wish list' linked to amazon from this site, baby items do not have to be these particular items, they are simply suggestions for some things that may be needed. Any baby items would be helpful. Thank you for bringing meals for the Johnson family. There are 8 children and 2 adults in their house hold. Thank you!