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About Helping Hands for the Bitsui Family

Hearts of Valor - Arizona member, spouse of Nathaniel Bitsui, USMC Sgt. (Ret.) and mother of 5 children --- Jessica could use a hand -and- a little help this next week. Today, Nathaniel underwent a complex bowel resection and will need the next few days of rest and recovery. Jessica is a full-time caregiver for her military veteran husband, 5 children; 3 with special needs--- one being their son born with a rare disorder coping with constant chronic lung infections and pain. Orchestrating daily care added to a recovery schedule is always a juggle. If anyone can relate with what this Mama is going through, it's US! Jessica's hands will be extra full this week, if you're able to give a little time, a meal, a gift card, dropping off games for the kids or kind words--- please, consider checking one thing off the family's to-do list!

Special Notes: 

The Bitsui household has a pistachio allergy. Family favorites are: spaghetti, pizza, chicken, soups, tacos! The kids eat almost anything and are not too picky!