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About Peggy McClure Family Support

Hi Sweet Friends,  I am Ruthie, Kaitlyn McClure and I have been friends since high school. And I have had the privilege to get to know Mrs. McClure very well over these years. We are all so very heart broken at the SUDDEN passing of such a wonderful, kind woman! There is such comfort in the fact that she is celebrating with her King, however it has left a giant void here on earth and we will miss her tremendously. Especially her family: her husband Jim, her sons Ryan, James (who’s family includes a brand new baby), and Kaitlyn my best buddy! There is so much on them over the coming weeks and we want to help ease as much pain as possible! I am thinking of delivering a couple freezer meals to the family on Fridays after all the funeral services are done, and for as long as possible! They live quite far out in the country so I thought it may be easiest if I deliver to ease some of the driving. Since I will be delivering once a week please be sure to make the meal freezer ready, including the date prepared, with very clear instructions on how to reheat, and in a throw away container! I also wanted to enable the donations part, for some it may be easier to donate a small amount so they can order out, or to help with other family needs during this hard time. Your generousity is amazing! And we appreciate it sooo sooo very much! Please feel free to message me for any additional details!

Special Notes: 

I will deliver food on Fridays. Please contact me with any questions.