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About Support for Matt

Last week Matt was diagnosed with a brain tumor called a glioblastoma. He had surgery to remove the bulk of the tumor and is now gearing up for chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Radiation will last 6 weeks, chemotherapy will go on for longer, and during that time, Matt could use your support! He and Bevin would appreciate financial contributions, healthy meals for dinner (he's currently avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners), rides to and from radiation (schedule TBD), and help getting Matt outdoors and into the mountains when possible as he's unable to drive for the next 6 months. Sending meals is best at this point - please take a look at Eat Local ( or other similar meal services. Cooking is a challenge, so healthy, prepared meals are best! Matt's got a great attitude and is ready to fight, and support from all of you will help him do that! Thanks for reading and for anything you can contribute!

Special Notes: 

Hi everyone! If you're sending food, please be aware that Matt is NOT eating any sugar or artificial sweeteners. He loves fresh fruits and vegetables, and cooking is a challenge currently, so sending meals from Eat Local ( and similar prepared services would be best. Financial contributions will help tremendously in many ways! Anything you can donate is much appreciated! We'll post more about rides to radiation once we know Matt's radiation schedule. Thank you for supporting Matt in his fight! It means the world to him to have your support and an incredible team fighting with him!