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About The Elowen's Support Page

Thank you for visiting our page and being a part of our community!  We would love your help, however you are able. Rebecca will be having surgery August 16th and will be staying at her mother's house for 7-10 days for recovery. During this time Joryn and Bennie will need help with food deliveries, errands or maybe a play date with Bennie while Joryn takes a shower or cleans the house. After the first week or so, Rebecca will be returning home to finish the healing process. The help with food, maybe a visitor or two, and some additional support would be great. We know not everyone that would like to support us can do so in person, whether because you're far away or because you have a busy life of your own.  So we're including a PayPal link on the right, and very much welcome any help with ordering take-out and paying for our extra nanny care as well!   

Special Notes: 

Our ideal for food delivery is every other day for the first few weeks, and a couple times per week after that for a few more weeks.  We're putting every day on the calendar though, so you can pick whenever works best for you.  If we have three days of delivery in a row, then we'll be good for the week!    Joryn eats pretty much anything except seafood. (blech!)  Favorites are pastas (both white or red sauces are awesome), meatloaf, chicken, green beans, almost anything "Southern"...if in doubt, reach out and ask. Breakfast/Brunch meals are also a favorite. It would be nice to have some leftovers but not too much as I hate wasting food. Also, unfortunately, none of the delivery options like UberEats, DoorDash, etc come to our house, but take out would work if we can coordinate. Bennie eats whatever we eat, except for tomatoes, spinach, strawberries, citrus and stone fruits.  Favorites are pancakes, potatoes w/scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, steamed veggies, and chicken (or any soft meat). Rebecca is a hard one to feed; she is paleo (with a little rice), and avoids grains, dairy, sugar, soy and nightshades.  Favorites are Pad Thai, sandwiches on rice-based gluten-free bread, meat and well-cooked veggies, sweet potatoes, and non-dairy chocolate milk shakes from Amy's.   ;)  Please text Rebecca at (415) 250-6845 to confirm meal ideas and delivery times.   We may ask you to just leave it on the porch, depending on Bennie's nap times and whether Rebecca is up for visiting; if you want to sync up a food delivery with a visit or to play with Bennie, just let Rebecca know so she can help with scheduling.  We live at 2845 Bowen St, Graton, 95444, and there's plenty of street parking.