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About Meals for the Frye family

Let's rally around Amber and Basil Frye as they celebrate the birth of their daughter and make sure they’re well fed!   *Gluten Free required *Dairy Free preferred but not a roadblock to deliciousness

Special Notes: 

A note from Amber and Basil: Although we'd love to see each and every one of you, we know it'll be hard to predict when we'll be feeling like zombies or when the baby decides to nap. So if you'd like to schedule a visit, please text us ahead of time. If it's a bad day, we may ask that you leave the food on our front porch, but we promise we'll have you over soon! Tap "Read More" for food restrictions and ideas. *Dietary restrictions: Gluten Free: Amber is celiac and cannot eat gluten, so all food must be Gluten Free. If you are unsure whether or not something is Gluten Free, it's better to be safe than sorry and choose something different. Dairy Free (when possible): We both prefer Dairy Free foods. It's not an allergy, just a preference. Whenever possible, please substitute regular milk for almond milk, regular cheese for vegan cheese, etc. If you don't like to cook but still want to help, here are some other options: 1. Pick up food from one of our favorite places. Chipotle, Cava, The Daily, Mellow Mushroom (Gluten Free Pizza), or text one of us for more ideas. 2. Send us an eGift card and we can use it to order on our own and have the food delivered. Uber Eats - Grubhub -  Thank you! 


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