Holly’s adios cancer journey

durham, NC


Holly’s adios cancer journey was suggested by smart friends of the Mortensen/Splenda gang. It sucks asking for help, and sometimes we don’t even know when we need it. So, this is for friends that want to do something. Thank you so very much. We love you and appreciate anything that you think will help us on this journey. We are just setting out and navigating. Love you all. If you want to help provide a meal, browse through the calendar below to find a date to sign up.

Special Notes

The wish list links are helpful (although not perfect) and geared for those that want to leave the food ordering up to us. If you want to make food and drop it off that's great. If you can't swing by and want to send food over that's great. Our Amazon wish list: 106 N. Buchanan Blvd, Durham, NC 27701 Holly is an ovo-lacto vegetarian. Jot and kids eat everything:) Take-out/Delivery/Groceries: Organic/fresh/vegan-vegetarian forward with soups/broths. Dishes with: Any vegetables cooked with garlic, ginger. Proteins: tofu, salmon, crab cakes, chicken, beans, quinoa Local restaurants/meals: Thai Cafe, Parker & Otis, Whole Foods, Nuevo Taco, Fosters, Indian Monsoon, Sushi Love (not raw) When dropping off personal meals, please label containers clearly so we can return it to you. Leave reheating/serving instructions with container. Please put food containers in cooler on porch and text Jot 781-801-6047

Care Calendar