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Support for Heather, Joel, and kids.

Ansted, WV


On Thursday 2/8 Heather tested positive for the flu. Later on that day she was admitted to the ICU with pneumonia and other health complications. She was transferred to Ruby Memorial on Saturday 2/10. She was making progress and then had a major set back. She has now been put on a ventilator to help her body heal and to fight the pneumonia. They are expecting her to be on the vent in the MICU for several days. Joel and the 5 youngest children are in Morgantown so they can be close to her. He and the oldest 3 have taken off of work to be there. Even with the insurance they have the medical and ambulance bills are going to be pretty significant. Heather and Joel are not the type to ask for money. They are the ones usually giving. All funds will go to Joel, Heather, and the children for hotel expenses, food expenses, medical bills, and any other financial hardship that may occur during this difficult time. Please feel free to give what you can and if you can't give please share and continue to pray. Thank you!

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