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Meal Train for Aunty Emma, Uncle Fino, Desiree and Josiah

Brighton, CO


Hello friends and family, we wanted to create this page in hopes to help the Muniz family as they have come in contact with Covid and now are not feeling well. Because we want our family to focus on getting well, we wanted to start a food train for them to show them our love and support while they get better. They are a family of four in the house so anything we can organize to take over to them would be great. We need them to focus on getting better rather than cooking meals. They are so loved by many people so I just know we can round up and help them with this. Please if you have any questions you can reach out to Sarah Muniz or myself. God bless you all for helping out.

Special Notes

When you drop off meals please leave it at the doorstep and knock. We have confirmed Covid results in the house and it is for your safety.

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