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Caring for Chloe

Columbia, MD


Julia + Eric welcomed Baby Chloe to the world on September 15! Chloe was born at 6:21am at 5lbs 10oz and 18.5 inches. So many have asked how they could help, and we are so glad to come together as family and community to care for this family as they welcome their first little miracle! We have a meal sign up here. Simply select a day, and either prepare and drop off a meal, order a meal for delivery, or send a gift card for mom and dad to order themselves! Please DO NOT feel obligated to sign up! If you can't give at this time? No worries! Other ways to show love is to send encouraging bible verse or quote, have your kids color a picture or card, pick a flower and drop it off on the doorstep--the ways are endless!

Special Notes

No food allergies, but the Ho Family LOVES Asian food and are not the biggest fans of Greek. They love Jasmine Milk Tea Boba, and are avoiding soda and alcohol! Contactless delivery is preferred! You can make and drop off a meal, order for delivery, or send over a gift card--whatever is easiest for you! Want to know their fave restaurants in HoCo? Korean Food like Hang Ari, Da Rae Won, Shin Chon, Dae Jang Geum, Kimbap Nara and others in Ellicott City. Thai places - Dok Khao Thai, Manow Thai. Any sushi place, Cheesecake Factory, Shake Shack, Chipotle, Halal Guys They also LOVE Bangkok Garden in Rockville! Thanks so much for caring for this new family!

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