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About Baby #3 for The Flacks

As you may know, Jennifer has been confined to bedrest to ensure the health & safety of her daughter, due to be born in August. She will be in San Francisco for a short while to consult with her doctor there. In order to help her and Andy during this time, it would be wonderful if we could deliver the Flack family meals and provide whatever other support that they might need. For example, they may need help watching Olivia & Anderson for a few hours during the weekend or someone to walk the dog.  The idea is to schedule meals every other day (not every day) to make sure we don't overload the family with food.  Feel free to mix it up and bring breakfast or lunch items as well. Once she is back in town, please text Jennifer if you'd like to visit when you drop off the meal. As you can imagine, it might not always be practical so dropping off the food on the doorstep is perfectly fine if you let her know you plan to do that. It might be a cliche but it's worth repeating none-the-less - it takes a village and I hope our village can step up to support Jennifer & Andy as they navigate this worrying time together.

Special Notes: 

Some dietary guidelines for meals:  -  gluten free - sour dough bread is ok if sending sandwiches  - chicken, pork and fish are all good; no red meat please  - vegetarian meals are welcome - they love fruit and vegetables!  In case you don't have them, here are Andy and Jennifer's cell phone numbers so you can text them when you are dropping off dinners etc. Andy cell 650-714-7487 Jen cell 415-696-1010