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About Kristy Estrellos surgery, meals, donations, and more!

Hey all. This is a sign up list to support Kristy after her surgery. As she makes her way through recovery we may add additional opportunities to help out the family. Thank you so much for your love!

Special Notes: 

Half the family is gluten free and the children are vegetarian but don't feel overwhelmed as there are many easy options. Homemade meals, frozen dishes, easy microwave options, and restaurant gift cards are all appreciated. There are a lot of yummy places where food can be ordered and delivered by you or a company like Uber Eats. Easy dinners they enjoy are tacos with corn tortillas/ crunchy shells, gluten free pizza, gluten free pasta, rice and (all kinds of) beans, tostadas, veggie or cheese enchiladas, breakfast tacos on corn tortillas, soups, etc. *Dinners for half the family are totally welcome, too, such as tortilla soup with meat for Kristy and Brandon and the boys can have something easy at home. Some favorite restaurants include: Chuys, Mangieris, P-Terrys, Via 313, Taco Cabana, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Torchys Tacos. A cooler will be left on the porch for food items to be placed in.