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About Supporting Life Launch!

If you want to help serve the youth at Life Launch, this is the page for you! Life Launch is a program in Santa Clarita for youth ages 17-21. It is open to all, but targeted to those in need, especially aging out foster youth. We meet weekly at Valencia Hills Community Church to provide youth in need with a warm healthy meal, community, and great information to help them become successful independent adults. We also offer weekly prizes and giveaways to make it more fun & to support the skill sets we are teaching. Let’s rally around these youth & let them know they are seen and cared for!

Special Notes: 

Please be sure to note if your item has nuts, dairy, or wheat for those who may be allergic. Dishes can be delivered earlier if needed, either to the church or to the Dronens. We've got the plates, napkins, & utensils covered. Ideally, please deliver ready to eat food to Valencia Hills Community Church 24933 Avenue Stanford, Santa Clarita, CA 91355 Thank you so much!