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About Immigrant Families Together Gift Card Drive

Immigrant Families Together is a network of Americans committed to rapid response unification of families separated by the 'zero tolerance' policy. What Immigrant Families Together does: 1. Pay bonds-just the first step 2. Transportation and accommodations to reunite families 3. Arrange legal representation whenever possible to give the best chance of asylum. 4. Provide housing until the refugee can legally work (it can take a year plus), furniture and volunteer support. 5. Provide comprehensive cleaning, personal hygiene and healthy choice groceries, and school supplies 6. Medical (physical and mental health/trauma care) 7. Transportation via volunteers, public transport or car service (Lyft and Uber) to legal and medical appointments, ICE check-ins, and court dates 8. Cell phones 9. Clothing 10. Assist on the border organizations with critical needs

Special Notes: 

By purchasing a gift card, you are able to directly help a family in need. Instacart gift card- all groceries are purchased through Instacart which directly delivers the groceries to refugee families. Uber and Lyft gift cards- it is imperative that the families are able to make doctor appointments and court appointments. The vast majority of the families do not own a car. Target gift card- the families need sheets, towels, clothes, and basic household necessities. Old Navy gift card- the families need durable clothes, belts, underwear, and socks Visa gift card- many items are needed such as glasses, medicines that are not covered, and many other items that need to be purchased so the families can begin their lives in the United States. Immigrant Families Together provides refugees with not only bond money, but also the necessities to start their lives in the United States. Each month, IFT creates grocery baskets for families that can cost upwards of $450 depending on the needs and size of the families. *Immigrant Families Together is not yet a 501(c)3 and donations are not tax deductible.*