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Help support Ann Nowak

Harahan, LA


Many people know Ann Nowak. Anyone who has ever crossed her path know that she is one of the most genuine, sweetest and selfless person there is. She is always willing to help anyone with anything. If she knows that someone needs help Ann will make time and figure out a way to help them. Ann is dedicated to her family especially her grandchildren. Ann always puts everyone first ahead of herself. She is the crossing guard at Harahan school and at Christmas and other holidays she fills her car with treat bags for all of the kids. Ann also works at a senior center in the evenings. Ann is also the house chairman for the Lions Club. Ann is always willing to help others and give to others. There is truly not a more giving person with such a heart of gold. Ann had a bad fall on Friday and broke her ankle. She had to have emergency surgery and is having another surgery in a week. She has a long road to recovery and several people have reached out to me asking how can they help. I’m setting up a meal train for her.  If you just want to send money or gift cards please contact me at It is Ann, her husband, her daughter and 3 grandchildren. This is a huge setback for Ann considering we don’t know how long she will be out of work.

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