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About Twin Baby Boy and Girl with Rare Genetic Disease need your support!

Hey friends and family! As most of you know the Bracht Twins (Anya and Azaryah) have been diagnosed and treated for a rare condition called PKU (Phenylkenutria). 1 in 12,000 children inherit it from their parents, who would both have to be carriers. The only way these young ones can lead a normal life is if their caretakers keep them on what has been called the "Strictest Diet in the World". The joy of caring for these babies is often and unfortunately outweighed by the burden of the diet and strict regimen needed for their development. Over 40 hours a week are set aside just to prepare and administer the food required for their diet. That is a full time job, literally! Please consider helping in the following ways - -Spending time with their caretakers ((Brittney (Aka Chai) or Lauren Gavin)) -Learning about the diet and offering to help prepare food -Clothing donations -Playing with Azaryah and Anya's older brother, Adyn -Vehicle donation (Brittney is without a vehicle, cannot get to and from bi-weekly doctor visits) -Financial support, the burden of having no income and two children with PKU is enormous. -Cooking meals for caregivers The effects of a person with PKU being off the PKU diet leads to seizures and irreversible mental handicaps. Please know that your support is allowing these children to grow up normally. Thank you very helping to carry the burden so that we can share the joy. Thank you! Love from Anya and Azaryah's Support Team.

Special Notes: 

The Bracht Family is Vegan!!!


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APRIL 2018