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American Eagle Gift Card

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The perfect gift for just about anyone - especially a teenager you love.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it enables options. Teenagers in particular may like to choose their own clothes in the style they prefer.

Suggested Situations:

  • Bereavement - For a bereaved teenager, a little retail therapy can be helpful. Nothing can blunt the pain of loss - but an excursion out into the world can help. (Make a day of it and connect by Skype to see what purchases were made - and how your recipient is feeling).
  • Loss of Home - For people who have lost their home in a fire, for example, entire wardrobes need to be dumped. Help a teenager you love to recoup their sense of style.
  • Military Support - For the growing child of the deployed, some new clothing is always in order.
  • Sick Child - Send a child who may not feel terrific a way to select a tiny pick me up. It does not fix the situation - but it celebrates beauty from within and without.

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