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Give the gift of time. Surprise someone with a few nights away or help relieve the burden on those faced with unexpected travel costs. Welcomed directly at nearly 4,000 bed & breakfasts throughout the US & Canada.

Why We Love This Gift: This gift is suitable for just about anyone in just about any situation. It can be used to defray unanticipated travel costs, which can be invaluable in reducing situational stress. A member of the Give InKind editorial team is aware of a family who must travel for pediatric specialized surgery. Their lodging expenses are both absolutely necessary and completely out of pocket.

What to Express In Your Card: I really wanted to try to send something that you needed, but I was unable to decide what that would be. I understand that you might be traveling a little and I hoped this might help. I hope I am sending you lots of love and thinking of you all the time.

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