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New Mama Gift Box with Organic Herbal Tea, Salves, Lip Balm


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This collaborative gift box provides the perfect nurturing well wishes that new mom and baby need alike. Herbal Balancer tea is formulated by midwives with organic, fair trade and kosher herbs known for their hormone balancing traits, mineral density, and soothing properties. Helps promote mom's recovery and relaxed bonding time with her new baby. Baby salve for baby's diaper area, nooks and crannies. Also includes all-purpose salve for mom, dad, and the rest of the family-- great for hands, feet, scrapes, sunburn, etc. Postpartum balancer organic herbal tea for balancing new mama hormones. Stainless steel tea infuser ball. Two luxurious, healing, soothing, and unobtrusive lip balms with no synthetic fragrance or ingredients. Gift box is 100% recycled and glass jars are reusable.

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