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Olive Buffalo Artisinal Soaps

on Olive Buffalo

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These hand made soaps are crafted from natural materials by artist and designer Edin Rudic. Beautiful and natural, these are a must have item.
Why We Love This Gift: We love handmade and natural soaps. Perfect for the man or woman in your life - a small indulgence that goes a long way. This product is a top pick of the Give InKind editorial team. When the recently divorced are watching their wallets, make sure they give themselves the gift of a deep breath. These soaps feed and nourish the skin. For those navigating loss, a calming scent can enable the deeply bereaved to stop and breathe through anxiety and heartbreak. It can seem like a small thing - but sometimes that's all you got.
What To Express in Your Card: I am thinking so much about you. xo

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