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Pebble: Baby Sleep Coach


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Is there any better gift on Earth for new parents than the gift of sleep? Give the new parents in your life an in-depth Sleep Coaching session with a certified, vetted Pediatric Sleep Coach.

There's no "crying it out" here - this is about understanding the parents' individual circumstances and lifestyle, and developing a customized blueprint that paves the way back to a balanced life that includes much-needed rest. It can be hard to find time to get parents together for something like this, but this 90-minute consultation is done virtually - so it can happen anytime, anywhere.

Why We Love This Gift: We're pretty certain that nothing can change a new parent's life the way sleep can. And let's face it - at some point, they're gonna need this. This in-depth coaching session is the gift that keeps on giving. While Pebble's highly sought after sleep coaches work their magic, you'll be hearing thanks for years to come.

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