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Sometimes life changes in a heartbeat

Or in a lack there of. Give InKind was created in the days that crawled like molasses after our daughter Layla was unexpectedly stillborn, just 5 weeks before her due date. In an instant, with one ultrasound and the term ‘fetal demise’, we became a statistic. The 1-in-5 pregnancies that end in loss. The 1 in 160 that end in stillbirth. The 50% of those that go unexplained. Our world was rocked, and our loved ones wanted so badly to help us through this unthinkable time.

Baby Layla

Both on leave from our jobs in technology, we sat at home while a stream of flowers, meals and thoughtful gifts were delivered to our door. Our family and friends did a wonderful job of making sure we were loved and supported. But we lived in Los Angeles, and our network was spread across the country. It took them tremendous effort to find out what restaurants to order from, how to send groceries or flowers, and most of all, they were unsure what to do or send that would truly be the most helpful.

So, with an empty house and no baby to care for, we thought - there has to be a better way to allow loved ones near and far to lend a hand when help is needed.

It is our sincere hope that Give InKind makes it easier to answer the age-old question, ‘how can I help?’, in all of the situations we face throughout our lives.


The Give InKind Team

Laura Malcolm

Founder & CEO

Laura has been a Product Manager working on both Consumer and SMB/Enterprise web products since 2008. She has worked for startups of all shapes and sizes and been privileged to learn from some of the most talented entrepreneurs in technology. Combining this experience with inspiration from her late father, she is responsible for bringing the Give InKind vision into the world (with the help of an incredible team, of course).

James Kocsis

Co-Founder & Director of Design and User Experience

With a background in all things creative and digital, James ensures Give InKind is both beautiful and usable. Prior to a five year stint art directing Apple Inc.’s global digital advertising, he headed up digital design for MGM Studios in Los Angeles, as well as design for print and digital for various companies and agencies in NY & LA.

Tara Shafer


Co-founder of Reconceiving Loss, a website geared towards helping those who have suffered the loss of a child, she is also an on-going contributor to The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Psychology Today and BabyCenter. She helps shape Give InKind’s content offerings, writing and curating the articles that let people know they are not alone — whatever the situation.