About Us
Let's Normalize Support.
We get it. We've been there. We've been through situations where everyone asked "how can I help?" and we didn't have a good answer. We've had times that we desperately needed help, and didn't know how to ask. And we've felt helpless when our friends and families have gone through something, and we didn't know what to say, or send, or do. Accepting support is hard - but we don't think it should be. We want to make it easy - and normal - to give and receive support.
Our Story
Give InKind was started with a notebook, a sea of flowers, and two grieving parents. After experiencing the unexpected stillbirth of their first child, Founder Laura Malcolm and her husband James saw how much work was created for their friends and families that wanted to be supportive from around the country. There were questions about where to order delivery meals from, what to send or say to a family experiencing baby loss, whether or not they were up for visitors or phone calls – and Laura knew there had to be a simpler way to coordinate all of the efforts from the loved ones that wanted to help. In Layla’s honor, Give InKind was born.
Our Team
Founder & CEOProfessional Lemonade Maker
VP of Engineering
Head of OperationsPardon my French
Head of DesignGRrRrRAWwwRRRrrrR!
Client Success ManagerI still make this face
Jr. Product Manager/UXFull-time Juggler
Success ManagerSeasonal Allergy Sufferer, Real Fun at Parties
Customer Success SpecialistGoing above and beyond for our customers
Lead Developer
Press Coverage
"The site puts everything in one place…"

"the platform where you can do a lot more than write a check"

"…a cool site that organizes meals, and a whole lot more."

"The Start-Up That Isn't All About the Money"