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Sometimes life changes in a heartbeat

Or in a lack there of. Give InKind was created after Founder Laura Malcolm experienced the devastating loss of her daughter Layla in her 8th month of pregnancy. She and her husband sat at home, on leave from their respective technology jobs, and saw how badly their friends and family around the country wanted to help, but felt too far away. They knew there had to be a better way.

Baby Layla

Give InKind is on a mission to make sure that no one feels too far away to help when life gets crazy. We know you can't always be with the ones you love when they need you, but we also know that sending money or flowers isn't always the only answer. We want to make it as easy to send the help that's really needed - whether that's a hot meal, a housecleaner, a good book to read or a cup of tea - as it is to send a bouquet.

We also know that sometimes we're just not sure how best to help, especially in situations that might be new to us. That's why we have hundreds of articles from experts - and the people that have been there before - talking about how best to support one another through these times. Whether you're visiting a friend after a c-section or supporting a family member after a stroke, you can find information on Give InKind with ideas for how to help.

It is our sincere hope that Give InKind makes your life a little bit easier, no matter what you or someone you care about is going through. We're love to hear new article ideas, product suggestions and ways that we can help support you, whatever your reason for being here.