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Ace Hardware offers thousands of home improvement products. Find the perfect gift for someone you love.

Why We Love This Gift: We love this gift because it such a very generous and versatile thing. Everyone wants (and some really need) something done to their house - offsetting the cost is a beautiful gesture. Houses are always in need of a little repair. This is a great gift for returning service men and women as home repairs can be necessary and/or therapeutic to varying degrees. For people trying to extend the independent living of their aging loved one, little things around the house make a difference. Things like rails near the toilet, a ramp, and similar house renovations can make a big difference. People recovering from stroke often need bathrooms and stairs to be retrofitted to help them in their long-term recovery or rehabilitation. For those who were impacted by Hurricanes Hugo, Irma and Harvey - as well as the Western states wildfires - rebuilding is long and hard. Make it a little easier. The possibilities are endless.

What To Express in Your Card: I'm not super handy but I am good at bringing coffee over. Want to do a little work and catch up?

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