Sending Gifts and Support Without Fanfare

Anonymous Gifting Through Give InKind

With millions of sign-ups and support sent through Give InKind, we’re so proud to help care for your friends and loved ones. We’re always working to improve your experience with Give InKind, whether you’re organizing supporters, sending support to someone you know and love, or if you’re on the receiving end of a generous Give InKind support effort.

Your requests have been heard, and we’re now pleased to offer anonymous gifting options. There are a few levels of anonymity you may opt for. We’ll break those options down for you here.

Just Keeping It Between You and The Recipient

A child whispers into another child's ear.

For times you want to help without letting others know who you are, keep it between yourself and the Recipient.

Wishlist – When you send a gift from the Wishlist, the recipient is notified you have sent a gift. Your support is not displayed anywhere on the InKind Page.

check box displaying "Don't display my name publicly on the Calendar" and a tooltip bubble above reading, "Your name will only be visible to the Page Organizer and the Recipient

Care Calendar sign up + “Don’t show my name publicly on the Calendar"
When you sign up for in-person care and check the box marked “Don’t show my name publicly on the Calendar" Supporters will see “from anonymous" on the calendar request. The Page Organizers will be notified that you have signed up.

Care Calendar gift card + “Don’t show my name publicly on the Calendar"
When you sign up and send a gift card through a Care Calendar request, Supporters see “from anonymous" displayed. The Recipient sees your name in the email they receive containing the gift card. Page Organizers see your name in the Care Calendar notification email.

Visa gift card with Greeting Card – Send a customized Visa gift card in a personalized greeting card, and we’ll mail it directly to the Recipient. This support is not shared publicly on the InKind Page. Only Page Organizers and the Recipient will be able to see that you have sent the gift.

Keeping It To Yourself

To make your support anonymous to everyone, including Page Organizers and Recipients, you may use the following options.

check box with the option to "Make my gift anonymous" and the tooltip noting, "Your name won't be shown to the Page Organizer or the Recipient"

Wishlist + “Make my gift anonymous" – When you purchase a gift from the Wishlist and check the box marked “Make my gift anonymous" the Recipient will be notified that an anonymous supporter has sent them a gift. While you will be asked for billing purposes, your identity will not be shared with the Page Organizers or Recipient.

Care Calendar gift card + “Don’t show my name publicly on the Calendar"
To provide support through the Care Calendar while remaining anonymous to everyone, you may send a gift card. Check the box marked “Don’t show my name publicly on the Calendar". When beginning the gift card purchase, check the box marked “Make my gift anonymous". Supporters, Recipients, and Organizers see “from anonymous" on the calendar request, notification, and gift card emails.

Visa gift card with Greeting Card + “Make my gift anonymous" – When you opt to send a customized Visa gift card, checking the box marked “Make my gift anonymous" will allow you to personalize a gift card and greeting card to be printed and shipped directly to your Recipient, and your name will not be attached.

For those times you want to send silent support, select the Anonymous option during your sign up or purchase.

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