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Hello, my name is Queena Tupou and I am the Marketing Manager for Give InKind. I am proud of my Samoan heritage and happy to celebrate the voices of Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (ANHPI).

If there is one thing that we have in common across our communities, it’s that our families and loved ones are the foundation of who we are. We truly believe and embody the saying ‘it takes a village.’ One of my favorite Samoan proverbs is ‘Ole tele o lima e mama ai se avega’ which translates to ‘Many hands make the burdens lighter.’ This way of life adds to the richness of our culture and keeps us rooted in our family values.

When I think about the benefits of Give InKind to our ANHPI community, I think about how caring for our loved ones is a natural part of our culture. I think about our elders and the loved ones, young and old, who care for them. I think about coordinating and making sure they are not alone during their doctors appointments due to the language barrier. I think about our youth stepping into the caregiver role due to their parents not understanding the healthcare system after migrating to the U.S.

It is a fact that the ANHPI community is reluctant to use respite services, in-home caregiver services and long-term care facilities, taking on the caregiving responsibility alone. Give InKind provides our ANHPI families with the resources to organize the care we provide for our loved ones.

We can never predict the unexpected and when life happens, it takes a village to help. Make the burdens lighter for your loved ones and consider creating a Give InKind page today.

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