Meal Train Ideas For The New Mom In Your Life That Will Definitely Brighten Up Her Day

These recipes are sure going to be a big help to a new mom who needs it during this life-changing time.


New moms are constantly busy taking care of the new addition in their life and making sure their whole family is happy, safe, and healthy. And with that comes a lot of responsibility and time. They’re constantly doing everything for everyone else, so finding the time to do something for themselves is almost impossible. And since you’re here, you’re looking to help out the new mom in your life, specifically with a meal train.


A meal train is a way to help those in your life who need that extra helping hand when they’re going through a life-changing moment. It’s a set schedule of meals made by family, friends, and neighbors over a specific period of time. You can either set up all three meals of the day or just dinners, either way a meal train is a great way to help someone when they just don’t have the time or ability to make their own food.

Meal Train Ideas for New Mom

Today we’re focusing specifically on meal train ideas for a new mom, different foods for every meal of the day that are delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare so it takes no time to either “heat-up" or get together. Let’s get started.

Good Morning, It’s Breakfast Time.

Starting your day off right with the most important meal of the day.

bowl of cereal with raspberries. cereal is one of the best meal train ideas for new mom

Don’t knock something simple, sometimes the most simple meals are some of the best.


Breakfast can be easily forgotten, especially after being up all night with the baby, and by the time someone realizes they’re hungry it’s already 2 in the afternoon. How about we give you a few recipes that might make skipping breakfast obsolete?

A Banana Oat Smoothie.


Smoothies, especially one in the morning, are a great way to start your day. Depending on what you put in them they can be a great source of protein and fiber, plus they are chock full of fruits and vegetables. We mentioned before that a new mom’s job is to make sure her baby is happy and healthy, well, it’s also important that they are happy and healthy too, and this is just one thing they can have to do exactly that.


  • Courtesy of the official Boulder Locavore website, their “Delicious Banana Oat Smoothie Recipe " is perfect for any busy body and is pretty easy to make- (and it tastes exactly like banana bread which is amazing). You’ll need bananas, either old fashioned, rolled, or quick oats can be used, greek yogurt, milk, and maple syrup.

An Easy Breakfast Quiche That’ll Take A New Mom Zero Time To Prep Herself.


It might be a tiny bit cliche but it’s a popular choice for a reason. A breakfast quiche is a perfect easy to reheat meal that can last for several days and is full of flavor. It’s also a great dish to add variations too, if your friend has a particular taste for something or prefers to add a specific ingredient in her cooking, then you can definitely play around a bit to make a really great quiche.


A Treat, It’s Streusel Topped Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins.


Every new mom deserves a sweet treat, especially after being up all night and running on close to zero hours of sleep. That’s why we’ve added a breakfast pastry classic, muffins. Moist, flavorful, and easy to eat, you won’t have to worry too much about a potential mess if you need to be on the go.


  • Courtesy of the An Italian In My Kitchen website, these “Streusel Topped Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins" are good not just for breakfast, but for literally any time of the day. If you’ve made muffins or if this is your first time baking, this recipe is really clear and easy to follow so they will make for a great treat for your friend.

Getting Hungry? Don’t Worry Lunch Is Right Around The Corner.

Lunch is a great way to make those mid-day “hangry" feels go away.

sandwich on a plate. a good, hearty sandwich is one of the best meal train ideas for new mom

If it’s something small like a sandwich or a decent sized dish that’ll fill you up after a light breakfast, lunch time is full of possibilities.


New moms use up a lot of energy, from taking care of their baby, other family members, and themselves. So it’s safe to say that by mid-afternoon a new mom might start to get hungry and willll want something that’ll fill her up before dinner time.

Something Quick And Simple, It’s Avocado Toast


Avocado toast has been trending in recent years for being delicious and easy to make. It can provide vitamins and antioxidants and can help improve your cholesterol. What makes this a good meal train idea is that you can provide either the whole ensemble itself or give a quick note with ingredients and instructions saying how best to prepare it.


  • For this specific recipe courtesy of the cookieandkate website, they have a basic outline for the meal which includes a slice of bread, a ripe avocado, and a pinch of salt. There’s also plenty of variations you can add like using “everything-bagel" seasoning, putting a fried egg on it, or their favorite herbed sauce for extra flavor.

It’s A Classic For A Reason, That’s Right, It’s A BLT.


A BLT aka a bacon, lettuce, tomato is well known for being at the top of the list of “best sandwiches". It’s the perfect combo of salty, juicy, and savory, with the crispy bacon, ripe tomato, and the lettuce tying it all together. By itself it’s amazing, but adding other veggies and sauces on top, that’s when you get it from good to great.


  • This “Sweet Heat BLT Recipe" courtesy of the tastingtable website takes a seemingly “simple" recipe and turns it into a new lunch favorite. You’ll need bacon, honey, mayo, a clove of garlic, dried parsley, cayenne seasoning, lemon juice, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and whatever bread is preferred.


But simply put, you can ask your new mom friend what they prefer on their sandwiches and get all of those ingredients for them. That way they have those products on hand to make the sandwich exactly how they like whenever they like.

Feel Better After Eating This Honey Chicken Stir-Fry


Running around and need something that’s not going to take too long to eat or prep? This Honey Chicken Stir-Fry recipe is the way to go. Offering something that’s full of flavor and will keep the new mom satisfied till dinner time is what most lunches strive to do and this dish is 100% on that train.


  • Courtesy of the official tasteofhome website, their “Honey Chicken Stir-Fry" makes four servings so it can be a multi-day meal. This recipe has two steps and requires just under 30 minutes to make, so you can either give them this meal already cooked in a container or buy the ingredients so they can make it themselves fresh, either way a great meal for lunch.

The Day Is Winding Down, It’s Now Dinner Time.

Family is all home and the time to sit down at the table or on the couch is now.

tossing a salad. big salads make great meal train ideas for new mom

No matter what, just the action of making food for someone shows how much you care and will definitely be a major help to them.


Ending the day with a good meal is always a warm welcome, especially when you don’t have to make it yourself. Most times when it comes to dinner, the thought of going to have to whip up something yourself is tiring, so meal train recipe ideas for the new mom in your life will definitely be a delight.

A Meal That Can Be Added To, It’s Crockpot Carnitas.


Something that’s so full of flavor and tasty doesn’t have to be complicated to make and that’s exactly what these “Easy Crockpot Carnitas" are doing. They’re made for an easy “reheat" in the microwave and are lovely to make little additions to in order to make it a meal you love.


  • Courtesy of the official Pinch Of Yum website, this Easy Crockpot Carnitas recipe is great because almost anyone can make it, no matter the skill level in the kitchen. You’ll need a slow cooker, pork shoulder, garlic, limes, orange juice, beer (or a broth the mom prefers), salsa, and a variety of different spices. The recipe comes with pictures to follow and though it takes time to slowly cook (around 8 hours), the end result is so worth it, especially since your loved one can make multiple meals out of this.

Stuffed Peppers, Easy To Hold And Quick To Enjoy.


Another meal that’s perfect for that “on-the-go" lifestyle, it’s simple yet filling and delicious. Paired perfectly with cornbread, stuffed peppers are a great dinner dish for any member of the family.


  • Courtesy of the official onceuponachef website, their “Stuffed Peppers" recipe contains ground beef, rice, tomato sauce, and cheese. It serves 4 to 6, so if you decide to double it, you can provide your friend with an extra meal or seconds if they like it. This recipe has a fair amount of prep-work and steps to follow but if you look at the guide and pictures, you’ll come out with a lovely dish that can be reheated for perfection.

Going For Simple, Why Not A Gift Card?


We’ve talked a lot about different recipes for every meal of the day and they were all great picks, but if you want to do something simple that can carry over past the “set schedule" of the meal train, why not go with a gift card to their favorite restaurant? This way they can get anything they want on the menu for take-out, have it delivered, and there’s no need to worry about returning dishes or not getting something “exactly" right with your own home cooked meal. It’s an easy way to show them some support and it can be used for when they really feel like they need their favorite comfort foods.

Now That You Have The Recipes, What’s Next?

It’s time to start your meal train page by visiting Give InKind.


Give InKind is a platform where anyone, anywhere, can make an “InKind Page" to help those who need support right now. It’s a perfect place to start your meal train page and it takes all of five minutes to set up. They’re here to make helping out the people you love easy. All you have to do to get started is click here and let their easy “step-by-step" instructions guide you to making the best meal train page ever.


There are so many meal train ideas for new mom in your life out there and whatever you decide to pick it’s sure to be amazing. Either with one of the recipes above or something that inspired you while reading this list, it’s sure going to be a real helping hand to the new parent.

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