Being Supportive
A Safe Space for LGBTQIA2+ Support

Hi! My name is Jade Monréal, my pronouns are she/her/hers and they/them/theirs.

I serve many roles within Give InKind, but if you’ve received a curated gift box or asked questions in the Support Chat, chances are good we’ve crossed paths before.

Pride month feels like a relevant time to introduce myself, and share my experience with Give InKind within the LGBTQIA2+ community.

It brings me great joy to see fam engaging their support networks through gender affirmation procedures, celebrating new arrivals, moving into new homes, seeking help with challenges, just existing. Especially during these years of extended isolation.

The LGBTQIA2+ community is intersectional. It comprises so many different cultures and individuals; we truly are a rainbow. Being of multiple communities and cultures, our experiences and needs are just as widely varied and unique.

I love that Give InKind is built around the fact that everyone’s needs vary. I appreciate the page settings to keep your situation as private or publicly available as possible, and features like Messages and Updates that allow visitors, recipients, and page organizers to join in conversation. As someone who doesn’t share much of their personal life on social media, I like that an InKind Page can act as the social media hub for each situation.

While the needs of my beautiful LGBTQIA2+ siblings radically vary, one thing remains common: we want to look out for each other, and often seek help and guidance from within the community. That’s why it makes me so happy to see when the community is using Give InKind. It’s a powerful set of tools, from a team that is on our side, has our back, and that you can be proud to support.

Take a look for yourself and know that your information is safe, your privacy is respected and protected, and you’ve got me here cheering you on.


Happy Pride.

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