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How to Set Up an InKind Page When “Adopting” a Family for the Holiday

Many of us work with local organizations to identify families in need during the holiday season. Whether in need of food, clothing or just something for the kids to have under the tree on Christmas morning – we have a way to get your family, friends and community to rally. Giving just got a whole lot easier!

Here’s how to get started:

Create a Give InKind page for the family. Add a holiday photo and use the description to identify the members of the family, their sizes for clothing needs, specifics on any food items needed as well as any known allergies. 

Add to the Care Calendar. The calendar can be used to specify meals needed, gift cards that can be provided, and any drop off times that would be appropriate for you to gather all the items.

Create a Wish List for the family. Add gift cards, items of clothing, or toys for each child. 

If you are looking for monetary donations to support the family, add a PayPal account or GoFundMe link to the page.

Keep your supporters updated on your efforts, sharing collection efforts and photos of the gifts to be delivered.

Give InKind makes it easy to organize your adopt-a-family efforts this holiday, no matter where your donors are, or how they want to get involved.

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