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About Support During my Undiagnosed Medical Journey

Hello everyone! For eight months I have been battling some sort of undiagnosed systematic disease. So far they have likely narrowed it down to an allergy of some sort that is mimicking an auto immune.  I am doing my best to be my own advocate and to find this thing. For myself and for my babies. My kids are one and a half and four. I am looking for support on bad days to help even when I’m home with the kids whether it’s high school aged or college age girls. I’m also looking for some assistance with basic yardwork, errands or rides on bad involuntary muscle days or meals. 

Special Notes: 

I am lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, and also lowest to no sodium which is a hassle.  However, I’m not worried about meals for me, since I am on a very special diet. I am looking for suggestions for hygiene and cleaning products with no compounds of sodium in them to try it seems to be helping. As well as empty pump or spray bottles to mix my own cleaners. I rarely ask for help. This journey is meant for me good, bad, and ugly and I have been doing my very best to stay positive, reflective, and appreciate. Thank you in advance! Also looking for new allergist suggestions who do unique things in Illinois.