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About Tiffany's Team

*Meal(s) drop-off opportunities added to calendar*  Tiffany’s Team is a resource for Tiffany’s friends and family to offer practical support as Tiffany journeys through chemotherapy over the next six months. Show her some love! Right now we want to make sure she is well-fed and getting laundry done regularly. As needs come up, we’ll update this page. For long-distance community, consider sending gift cards from the wishlist on this page. Also, Tiffany mentioned her interest in Fit Life as we know how valuable clean-eating is to the healing process.   For chemo weeks, it would be especially helpful for laundry support, see  

Special Notes: 

As you may know, the more natural, the better for Tiffany. Tiffany is picky when it comes to meat (good chicken and turkey only) so vegetarian is often best. We’ll update this page as Tiffany learns what is best to prevent nausea.