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About Storm Troopers - Support Lindsay Obermeyer through Cancer

Dear Friends, As you may have heard, I have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  The prospects look good and they think they've caught it in time. Hooray!  I am going into surgery on April 29th.  Stay tuned here to get updates on my what will be a successful surgery.  After a 3-4 month healing period, I will go on chemo for 6 months.  Not fun, but doable. If I am lucky and there are no complications I may be cured by Christmas. Wouldn't that be an amazing Christmas miracle! I have been doing everything to prep for surgery, getting all financial stuff in order, eating a ton, exercising and meditating.  What I need most from you is to pray for my health and a speedy recovery.  Please add my family in your prayers to give them the strength to endure all of this.  Cancer has a way of taking over more lives than that of the patient.  

Special Notes: 

Please respect my privacy and that of my family.  This is such a trying and tedious time.  I don't want to answer tons of medical questions about my cancer. It is what it is.  I've processed tons of fear, anxiety, and joy to get ready.  I am staying focused on the joy which means, healing and moving on and living a life filled with art. My diet post surgery will be a bit wonky as I my digestive track will be a bit reworked. I have no idea what I may be able to eat and not.  So please, no casseroles.  I've set up an account with Amazon Prime to order what seems good at the time. If you want to do something please consider donating some money for me to order food.  They say my tastebuds will go wonky during chemo, so keeping weight on will b an ongoing struggle. I've already lost 5 lbs. UGH!   And while I want to see everyone and visit, know that I will be tired.  Text me before stopping by my house.  I can' t be exposed to colds or flu, so stay home if you are sick.  I also to be on the safe side am asking that you not bring your children. Kids tend to be germ incubators as they toughen up their immune system. And with my immune system weak, this could be a bad combo. Even if you think your child isn't sick, they may still be carrying. With the grace of of friends, I have been able to hire a nurse, but after two weeks, if my strength still hasn't really returned I may need friends to help me make food, get upstairs to my bathroom etc.   Thank you for your patience.