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About Show Rachel Love

 Rachel Hunger and her family are going through a very  difficult time. An easy way to support a family in crisis is to provide meals. Sharing food together, offering food , the breaking of the bread so to speak is a big part of emotional stability. This schedule is set up so that David and Jennifer can focus on their family and their children without worrying about cooking and cleaning. They live at 3 Hillcrest Ave, Concord. 

Special Notes: 

David shared this: Seems as though some freezable/casserole type things would be good so lasagna, shepards pie(just corn for the veg) maybe a chicken noodle casserole. Stuffed shells, enchiladas. Jen and i like some spice but prob best to keep things rather plain to appeal to the kids. They do love a dish called taco stuffed shells if someone wants to tackle it.  We like places like the 99, olive garden, common man, dominoes. We can usually be happy almost anywhere.