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About If You Give Michelle a Kidney

If You Give Michelle A Kidney is our social media platform to raise awareness for Michelle's journey as an end stage renal patient as she awaits a kidney transplant. Michelle is a loving wife and mother of two daughters who worked as a preschool teacher in hopes of helping positively shape young children in their emotional, social and academic needs for the past 13 years. She is an Arizona native and resides in the community of Ahwatukee. We are reaching out to the community for help in this time of need for herself and family. After her kidneys functioning at 25% since 2007, Michelle’s kidneys both failed to the point of needing to begin dialysis in April 2018. Each night Michelle performs peritoneal dialysis at home for eight hours to help her body manage some of what her kidneys cannot. While Michelle hoped to continue working full-time until receiving a kidney transplant, after a year of dialysis she began experiencing neurological symptoms her doctors are looking into a definite cause of. Due to the intensity of the neurological symptoms when they first began and that they at times return without much warning, Michelle is unable to work or drive herself at this time. The loss of her steady income has created an immediate financial need for their family. Extend support to her family, if able, during their time of need by alleviating some financial burden to help maintain their household and pay for medical expenses through one of their donation options or purchasing a needed item from the wishlist. Even with medical insurance, anti-rejection medications once a transplant is received can equate to the amount of a mortgage payment for life. You can also lend a hand by checking the calendar for help needed on specific dates such as transportation to appointments, help running errands and in the future with possible household needs. You can also help by sharing the Facebook page If You Give Michelle A Kidney to spread the word to potential living kidney donors. The wait time in Arizona for a kidney from a deceased donor is on average 3-5 years, during this time medical complications can continue to arise. Finding a living donor can help reduce the wait and risk of further issues. Michelle is in need of a type O blood donor and those who are a type 0 and willing to find out more about being a living kidney donor can contact Celeste Braly, transplant quality manager for St. Joseph’s Hospital, at 602.406.8452 and let her know you are calling in regards to “Michelle Holguin.” Thank you for your support, kindness and love!

Special Notes: 

Luis has been staying home without pay since April 9th to provide care and transportation, however this obviously creates a greater financial strain on the family and he plans on returning to work May 6th. Michelle is currently unable to drive safely and transportation when needed would be a huge help to allow Luis to return to work full-time. While visitors are welcome, please check in with family first and help Michelle stay healthy by only visiting when not experiencing any signs of illness.