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About Meals for The Carbone Family

 Hello Team- As most of you know Julia has been out with a mild concussion and missed the last practices and games with us. Her family is also struggling with news about Julia’s grandmother who had brain surgery today to biopsy the three tumors in her brain which they found after she had a car accident on Friday. They did not receive very good news about this today.  Please sign up to show our love and support for this sweet family.     Please keep Julia and her family in your thoughts and prayers during these difficult times. Regards, Jill Teigen 240.338.4846

Special Notes: 

There will be a cooler on front porch if they are not home.  PLEASE note what you are providing in notes so that they do not Receive duplicate meals.    **Meal Delivery Time 6:00-6:30        SPECIAL REQUESTS   Lactose intolerance (Joe and Joey) Low to zero sugar (migraine triggers for me and Julia) FAVORITES if you don’t have time to cook: Cowboy Chicken Zoe’s Kitchen MoMo’s