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About Jones Family help

Caleb's Dad Nick suffered an unexpected stroke last week. He is now at home recovering. Madeleine and Nick have been extremely grateful for all support and help offered at this time. Whilst they do not feel they need any help with meals, they would greatly appreciate assistance with school / kinder / childcare / after school activity drops offs and play dates for the children (Caleb - yr 1, Issac 4, Isabella 2, Alexandra 6 mths). Alexandra is still breastfeeding so help needs to be focused on the three older children. Address: 2/777 Canterbury Rd, Surrey Hills

Special Notes: 

If you are doing a drop off at SHBCC please contact Vic or Tillie for the access code. Vic - 0402 333 546 Tillie - 0411 690 918 Madeleine - 0415 634 714 No allergies