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About Meals for Reiters!

Hello! So excited to celebrate the birth of Baby R that is coming up!! I have a tentative start date for June 9, one week after the due date. As we know, due dates are unlikely, so I will update based on what happens! The Reiters would love meals that last more than one meal if possible. There is no specific time to deliver, just coordinate with J. She would love for you to come in and meet Baby R, so feel free to visit when you drop off the meal. *circumstances permitting* ** If you are unable to bring a meal, there is also the ability to donate to the Reiters through PayPal! ** There are also lots of gift card opportunities under wishlist! Feel free to support them this way :)

Special Notes: 

Please exclude tomatoes, onions, spicy food, or anything that could set off acid reflux. While J&J do not follow Whole 30 or Paleo, they do like those sort of meals. Recipes with a good source of protein and vegetables are excellent choices. Examples include: tacos, lettuce wraps, veggie quiches, sweet potato hashes, etc. Additionally, Jake loves culver's and J loves Panera, Jimmy John's, and has a craving for sushi [wonder why! ;)].