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About Blessing the Biggses

     Blessing the Biggses has been created to support the Biggs family as they welcome their two, new, baby girls and adjust to life as a family of 7. As you know the newborn stage is exhausting with one baby, not to mention 2!  Join us in rallying around them now to show your love and support. The most critical needs are currently keeping them well fed, helping to keep the home tidy (laundry, dishes), and helping the older kids get all their energy out in constructive ways. If you are able to drop off a meal, take the kids to the park, or fold a load of laundry it would be a huge blessing!

Special Notes: 

Please be aware, the family does have a dog and cats. If anyone is allergic keep that in mind.   Visitors are welcome, but please be considerate and don't bring sick visitors. Dietary restrictions include no pork or shellfish. You can find the link to meal train with more details below.