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About Support for the Nelson Family - updated May 30

The faculty of ECU would like to share their love and support for the Nelson family following the tragic death of their son. We want to also be respectful of their grief and find ways to honor their wishes. More will be posted in the coming days.  NOTE FROM THE NELSONS: The dinners have been wonderful and delicious, thank you all so much! Here’s an update: my husband has to leave town for a work training Sunday 6/2 through 6/9, so it’s just me next week. I eat very little, so small portions will be plenty for me. I’m “going back to work” in a way next week: I’m doing the WAC Academy with the Writing Program every day at Joyner Library from 10am-2:30pm, where we will discuss and develop ways to teach writing to college students. This is something I love to do, so it seems an ideal way to try to start working again. Kerri Flinchbaugh, the leader, had the brilliant idea to offer to leave her office door unlocked throughout the workdays in case I need any breaks to be alone. After Michelle Hairston’s 6/5 dinner sign-up we should close out the dinners, because once my husband gets back we’re both headed to Philadelphia for a week. He’ll be with me at the TAA conference where I’ll accept my award for my book. I have a small group of close TAA buddies who are ready to support us during the conference. The dinners have been incredibly good, and more importantly we’ve been blessed by the SoM community. It’s impossible to really express how much it means to us to have had your love and nurturing help over the past couple of weeks, and I know we’ll continue to feel your caring presence in the future, in other ways. We both feel the same for all of you. Much love, Jocelyn

Special Notes: 

Address: 2402 E. 4th St., Greenville, NC 27858. Use front door. Cell phone and text: Jocelyn 252-412-4432 Dietary restrictions: No seafood or shellfish of any kind. No ham or pork products. Chicken preferred over beef. Vegetarian options welcomed. Dessert is appreciated. Dinner for 4 people on W 5/22 and F 5/24. Dinner for 2 after that. Prefer disposable containers or dishes that do not need to be returned.