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About Dinner after Angela Graham’s funeral on Wednesday

Please message me for information for bringing food to the family after Angela’s service on Wednesday. The family would like everyone to share a meal with them after the funeral.    Angela Graham was diagnosed with advanced cancer this month (May 2019)   Here is a post from her daughter Rachel.   mom has hepatocellular carcinoma at a very advanced stage, we tried chemo and unfortunately her encephalopathy (confusion) and pain became unmanageable and dad took her in Friday to Freemans, we are impressed with her care and feel confident that we did all we could for mom but unfortunately have to start considering that doing more treatments would be causing more pain for her and we have switched to comfort care, she will be starting hospice in my home this week, the outpouring of love and support we have received is so beautiful, we appreciate your prayers for moms comfort and dads health and Peace during this trying time, love you all

Special Notes: 

Snack, drinks, paper plates, cups, Paper towels, toilet paper and easily prepared food items  would be great to bring  if you can’t prepare a meal, Rachel will be caring for her mother and has 2 children.  Ben also has children and will be at Rachel‘s house often. Thank you in advance for helping this wonderful family who have always helped others.