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About Love for Leslie

Love for Leslie has been created to help support the Banks family while Leslie undergoes treatment for Stage IV lung cancer. We ask that you keep this page private, it is by invitation only as she is not ready for everything to be public just yet.  We are so grateful to everyone that has reached out offering to help with meals, items, tasks, etc while Leslie is going through chemotherapy. We just finished up Day 2 and she is doing well so far, but should be staying off her feet and not cooking, doing chores, (which is VERY hard for Leslie). Ken and her children are there day & night sometimes taking turns to make sure she is taken care of & never alone.   All Leslie asks is that everyone please pray for her. We thank you all <3

Special Notes: 

Dietary restrictions: NO onions Family size: 4-6 people are in the home depending on which child is there as caregiver that evening. Preferred drop off time for meals is between 5and 6:30pm. Favorite meals: Family eats a lot of chicken, Pizza (cheese, pepperoni, sausage), Chinese (sesame chicken with white rice); cold cuts ham, turkey, cheese, white bread (they don’t eat wraps just bread); Chicken noodle & broccoli cheese soup; BBQ chicken, Cream of turkey soup, Sausage & peppers with rolls, Fettuchini alfredo, chicken parmesan, toss salad (Leslie loves blue cheese dressing); chicken wings, corn on the cob, tomatoes, and hard rolls are favorites as well. Any questions, please contact Melissa 845-706-5872