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About Team MacPherson

Hello friends- Sarah was recently diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. It is an aggressive type, but not nearly as aggressive as Sarah is going to FIGHT it!  However, she is going to need some help from us along the way. Sarah began chemotherapy the week of June 3rd and will go every Thursday morning for 3 months, then every other week for 2 months. During this time, the MacPhersons would appreciate help with MEAL deliveries (hot & cold), GROCERY deliveries (Wegmans), CHILDCARE for Owen (every other Sunday evening), and DAILY POSITIVE ENERGY! Please check the CARE CALENDAR below to see how you can help! If you don’t see it, please trying loading the site on another web browser. If still no success, please click on CONTACT AND SUPPORT at the bottom of the page; they have proven to be very responsive. Additionally, a GO FUND ME page has been set up to help with medical bills, extra childcare, and loss of time at work for both Sarah and Pat. Please consider giving by using the link to the right. The MacPhersons wish to focus on living their lives with their young ones with as much grace and normalcy as possible:) Thank you all for your help & LOVE!  

Special Notes: 

Meal deliveries between 5:00pm- 5:30pm. Please text Pat beforehand: #804-833-3114 Food Preferences: Dairy-free & toddler-friendly for Owen. Low carb meals that include lots of fresh vegetables/greens, fruits, & antibiotic-free meats, please!   Sarah has asked that this page not be posted to Facebook, but please feel free to share it with others that may be interested in helping. Please contact Marcelia Perrel with any questions (unrelated to technical issues about this website): #434-806-6337