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About #JennBennStrikesBack

To know Jenn Ben is to love her. Jenn has spent so much of her life helping pick others up and now needs some support from those around her. Jenn has been fighting Lupus and RA for months and just found out she has breast cancer. Jenn has not been able to work and the cost of doctor visits, meds, insurance, and living are adding up. Any support you can provide is so appreciated whether that is monetary, words of encouragement, prayers, meals, etc. Jenn will have surgery as a first step in her journey to conquer this breast cancer on June 11th. If all goes well, she will return home on June 14th. The family would greatly appreciate meals or gift cards as Jenn heals and they deal with future treatments.

Special Notes: 

As the family has varied schedules, gift cards are best. They use GrubHub and DoorDash. They enjoy Mexican food, Chicago's and/or Pizza Hut, McAlister's, Qdoba, Taco Bell, Wendy's, and Arby's. Other favorites include lasagna and meatloaf.  Meals are for 5 adults. No dietary restrictions or allergies.