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About The Jam Liske Support Team

As many of you know, Jam will be going through chemo this summer. Many have asked how they can support Jam and her family. We have set up this support page to organize the help that Jam and her family needs. Creating healthy meals for your family is very time-consuming. During the weeks Jam is recovering from her treatments, we want to offer our support by providing meals. Below is a calendar with dates that meals are needed most. As they fill up we will add more dates. Look under special notes for meal suggestions Not a cook? No problem!! There is still a way you can help! in addition to delivering meals, you can also donate via PayPal (button on the right). This money will be used to buy gift cards for take-out and restaurants for those days that there isn't the time or the energy for anything else.

Special Notes: 

Dietary restrictions: none, except Mason has a sensitivity to textures so he won’t eat avocadoes but Marissa loves them. Meal ideas: Any American meals work – casseroles, soups, pasta, and pasta salads, baked chicken, stir-fry or sautéed meats and veggies…Italian meals like lasagna or spaghetti; Thai food, or even Mexican 😊 Meal logistics: Serving Size- Please make enough for 4 people, or potentially more so there can be leftovers. Delivery- you can either give it to Jam if she is at work the week prior to when the meal is needed or drop off at Jam's house: 4266 157th CT W, Rosemount. Text her so she knows when to expect you: 651-235-1351.