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About Welcome Baby James McMillan!

Sweet baby James Marvin McMillan has arrived on June 8, 2019! Let us help out our dear friends Mollie and Hugh with meals we can provide to make life easier for them this first month!

Special Notes: 

Please drop off dinners on the McMillan's front porch. Momma Mollie and Baby James will be resting so it is best to not disturb when dropping food off! Everyone knows how stressful leftovers can be, so please do not overwhelm them with food portions. If you could, try to bring in a disposable dish (aluminum foil etc). If you do bring a non-disposable dish, I will make sure the dish gets back to you by the end of June. Call Lisa Furse 803-468-6239 or Katherine Schwartz 803-361-8049 with any questions you may have.