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About Love and Support for Bob Hwang

Please join us in supporting Bob and Norma with meals and assistance due to his recent fall and hip surgery. Bob will be in the hospital for several days and then God willing will be transitioning to a rehab hospital. Norma, Aaron and family will be helping Bob as much as possible, but would appreciate any small meals that can be brought for Norma or Aaron while helping Bob during his stay in the hospital. Once he is discharged from rehab, I know Bob and Norma will appreciate help with meals at home as well. This site also has the option to help Bob and Norma financially with donations through PayPal and a list of items on an Amazon wish list to help with his recovery. ADD: Bob has been moved to Baylor Rehab Hospital in FW and has started intensive rehab! Please continue to keep him in your prayers. I know Norma would appreciate meals and visits at the rehab hospital as well.

Special Notes: 

Visitors are welcome, but Bob has a full therapy schedule during the day. Visits during meal times would be best, but please contact Norma before making a visit. Bob and Norma are vegetarian and I'm sure would appreciate a healthy dose of vegetables and fruits while Bob is healing. If you happen to have any of the items from the wish list already that you can let Bob borrow/use, please message Norma.