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About Supporting the Connelly Family after the 2019 Flood

Dear friends, Thank you for your interest in supporting the Connelly's while they recover from the recent flood. While flood insurance covers the structure for rebuild, there are shortfalls – especially with the content side. For those with a desire to help, we can use: - Credits for Laundry Service (muck removal for all linens and clothes) - PayPal - cover food for people helping and Laundry Service --Laundry Service-- Maggie Connelly is handling the coordination for giving. Here is the link - --Food-- If meals are your passion, donate with PayPal or Venmo, @Grace-Connelly contact Grace or sign up on the calendar to bring some food. --From Judy and Dave-- While we have suffered a loss, we are in a better position than many who were affected in the recent flooding along the Catawba basin. Our primary residence and its contents are a total loss. The water rose to 5’ in the house. We were able to locate to a house we own next door. While it is on higher ground, we will have to replace the HVAC and insulation underneath. All other systems are functioning. For pictures, visit here. For status updates, visit Judy’s Facebook posts - Judy Connors Connelly. While we appreciate everyone’s concern, please excuse us if we don’t return calls, texts or emails. The one commodity we are truly short of is irreplaceable time. We are truly blessed with family and friends who have stepped up in amazing ways to help. We could not handle this without them, and we are forever grateful. That said, this recovery is going to take a while. We can choose to look at this as a great loss or an opportunity for a new beginning. We choose the new beginning.

Special Notes: