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About Support for the Halliday Family

Hi everyone. With the recent and tragic loss of Barry I wanted to reach out to family and friends to help support Mandy and the kids in this difficult time. I have brought some meals over in the last few weeks, which was greatly appreciated. If anyone would like to send meals or whatever else they feel will help myself or Jeremy can deliver it to Mandy. It's a very sensitive time and she is not up for many calls or visitors. If you are not local but would like to send money for meals I am happy to shop and cook. I appreciate everyone's help as I know Mandy does. Keep the family in your thoughts as this will be a long process ❤

Special Notes: 

Mandy is a VEGETARIAN, but the kids are not. There are no other dietary restrictions. If you prefer Venmo that's works too. I have everything coming to me for sake of privacy. Please feel free to share via pm or text