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About Love for the Woodlee family

Baby Liza made a grand arrival earlier than expected. She arrived early Tuesday morning just shy of 33 weeks. Liza was born with a TE fistula and underwent surgery on Wednesday at Centennial. The surgeons report that everything went great! Now the recovery process begins. She is currently on a ventilator for the next few days and then they will begin to wean off of the ventilator and try to begin feeding her as she can tolerate.  At this time Liza would benefit from prayers for a smooth recovery and continued healing.  Please keep Marie, Blake, and Weston in your prayers also as they adjust to the NICU and becoming a family of four.   To provide support and decrease some stress off of the family we are creating this meal page along with her registry.  Restaurant gift cards are always helpful as they will be driving back and forth to Centennial, being able to grab a healthy meal on the go will definitely be a blessing.  Please sign up to provide a meal below🤗    Thank you for taking the time to love and support this family  

Special Notes: 

No food allergies! Gift cards to: Panera, Tazikis, Chic-fil-a, Subway are always appreciated     If you don't have time to prepare a meal please consider Krogers prep + pared meals. If you do not live nearby and would like to contribute please consider sending Grubhub or Providence food delivery. Shipt is also very helpful!          Marie Woodlee‘s Baby Registry