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About Rally behind Vicky! Supporting the Jackson family.

Life has taken a surprising turn for Vicky and she and her family could use your help. Vicky has just been diagnosed with cancer. Vicky has been working at Jefferson Park School but unfortunately her summer break will need to start a little early. Vicky’s husband, Kurt, is an engineer for Caterpillar, and they have two sons; Kain a junior year in high school and Haagan is a freshman. If we could help them by providing meals over the next few weeks until Vicky is able to bend, lift, twist and all the other fancy moves you need to be able to do to prepare a meal that would be very helpful! Your love and support will not be forgotten. Update on Vicky: Vicky is currently getting several radiation treatments in Chicago. Since they are spending a lot of time away from home the need for meals at this time is not necessary. The meal calendar on this site will be updated once her trips to Zion at the Cancer Institute of America have slowed down. In the meantime, Kurt and Vicky are very grateful for all the love and support they have received and ask that the prayers keep coming!!

Special Notes: 

Gift cards to the following places would also be greatly appreciated! Fats, Gables, IGA, Meijer, Sam's Club, Walmart, Avanti's, Monical's. and Geovanni's.


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JUNE 2017

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